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Not a lot of our readers might have heard the name of Ace Attorney. However, just because the show isn’t popular doesn’t mean it’s not good. Ace Attorney received generally positive reviews and everyone who watched it had different things to say about it. Its 47 episodes run tells us that the show was generally popular. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this anime, like the plot, where to watch, and of course the filler list. That’s why if you’re looking to know more about this amazingly unique show, then stick around!

WriterAtsuhiro Tomioka
StudioA-1 Pictures, CloverWorks
Original RunApril 2, 2016 – March 30, 2019
Filler (%)13%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


The story takes place in a world where law enforcement is completely different from ours. In this world, a court has to reach a verdict within three days, which piles up huge pressure on the prosecutors and the jurisdictions. However, it also speeds up the justice clearing process, so no one really complains. This is a world where the role of the attorney in charge is more important than ever. A case can make or break within 3 days with no chances of retrial.



Image: Crunchyroll

Ace attorney revolves around our protagonist Pheonix Wright. Pheonix is a rookie lawyer and is gaining experience by working under the well-versed prosecutor Mia Fey. However, Pheonix’s life completely changes when he finds out that Mia, his mentor, has been brutally murdered. After Mia’s unfortunate death, phoenix meets Maya, Mia’s sister. However, Maya isn’t an ordinary woman. Maya is a very skilled psychic medium who can summon the ghosts of the dead.

Therefore, together with Maya’s help, Pheonix becomes the head attorney of the law firm “Wright & Co.”. With the help of Maya’s exceptional abilities, Pheonix sets his path to become one of the best defense lawyers. Moreover, both Phoenix and Maya are adamant about finding Mia’s killer and giving her justice.

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Ace Attorney Filler List

Ace Attorney Anime Canon Episodes

Anime Canon Episodes:

1-12, 14-29, 31-33, 37, 39-47

Ace Attorney Filler Episodes List

Filler List:

13, 30, 34-36, 38

1The First TurnaboutANIME CANON
2Turnabout Sisters – 1st TrialANIME CANON
3Turnabout Sisters – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
4Turnabout Sisters – Last TrialANIME CANON
5Turnabout Samurai – 1st TrialANIME CANON
6Turnabout Samurai – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
7Turnabout Samurai – Last TrialANIME CANON
8Turnabout Goodbyes – 1st TrialANIME CANON
9Turnabout Goodbyes – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
10Turnabout Goodbyes – 3rd TrialANIME CANON
11Turnabout Goodbyes – 4th TrialANIME CANON
12Turnabout Goodbyes – Last TrialANIME CANON
13Turnabout PromiseFILLER
14Reunion and Turnabout – 1st TrialANIME CANON
15Reunion and Turnabout – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
16Reunion and Turnabout – 3rd TrialANIME CANON
17Reunion and Turnabout – Last TrialANIME CANON
18Turnabout Big Top – 1st TrialANIME CANON
19Turnabout Big Top – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
20Turnabout Big Top – Last TrialANIME CANON
21Farewell, My Turnabout – 1st TrialANIME CANON
22Farewell, My Turnabout – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
23Farewell, My Turnabout – 3rd TrialANIME CANON
24Farewell, My Turnabout – Last TrialANIME CANON
25The Lost TurnaboutANIME CANON
26The Stolen Turnabout – 1st TrialANIME CANON
27The Stolen Turnabout – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
28The Stolen Turnabout – 3rd TrialANIME CANON
29The Stolen Turnabout – Last TrialANIME CANON
30Sound the Turnabout MelodyFILLER
31Recipe for Turnabout – 1st TrialANIME CANON
32Recipe for Turnabout – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
33Recipe for Turnabout – Last TrialANIME CANON
34Northward, Turnabout Express – 1st TrialFILLER
35Northward, Turnabout Express – 2nd TrialFILLER
36Northward, Turnabout Express – Last TrialFILLER
37Turnabout MemoriesANIME CANON
38Hear the Waves of TurnaboutFILLER
39Turnabout Beginnings – 1st TrialANIME CANON
40Turnabout Beginnings – Last TrialANIME CANON
41Bridge to the Turnabout – 1st TrialANIME CANON
42Bridge to the Turnabout – 2nd TrialANIME CANON
43Bridge to the Turnabout – 3rd TrialANIME CANON
44Bridge to the Turnabout – 4th TrialANIME CANON
45Bridge to the Turnabout – 5th TrialANIME CANON
46Bridge to the Turnabout – 6th TrialANIME CANON
47Bridge to the Turnabout – Last TrialANIME CANON

Where To Watch Ace Attorney Online?


Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the episodes of Ace attorney in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. However, if you’re one of those who want an absolute ad-free experience, then you can always opt for their premium subscription. The premium subscription not only gives the viewer an ad-free experience but also gives you access to the latest episodes after just 1 hour of their Japanese release. However, if you’re not interested in buying the subscription, our readers can also check out sites like 4anime and Animixplay HD.


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