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Ajin: Demon-Human describes exactly what the show is about. This anime series introduces a subspecies of human beings that everyone is afraid of, half-human and half Demon. The show has a similar concept to animes like Tokyo Ghoul. Although the concept might seem similar, Ajin is a true anime on its own. The show definitely becomes worth watching with a wonderful cast of voice actors, amazing animation, and brilliant soundtracks. Unfortunately, the show never truly got its proper ending and never made it to the headlines. However, whoever has watched Ajin has only good things to say about it. Not to mention that this is one of the most underrated stories ever to be made.

Therefore, I will advise our readers to decide whether they like the show after watching it themselves. If you’re looking to know more about Ajin: Demon-Human, make sure to keep on reading this post.

WriterGamon Sakurai
StudioPolygon Pictures
Original RunJanuary 16th 2016 – December 24th 2016
Filler (%)0%

Plot Of The Show


The story takes place in a world where some humans are, well, not exactly humans. They are born with special abilities that only show themselves when they’re near to death. These humans acquire high regenerative capabilities, superhuman strength, a power called the “black ghost”, and immortality when their latent powers surface on the brink of death. These humans are called “Ajin”. The ones who are half-demon and half-human.

As humans fear everything which they don’t understand, Ajins have become the core fear of society. The government, although in the public’s eye, recognizes them as “citizens”. However, in the name of protecting these rare humans, the government captures The Ajin and makes them subject to cruel experimentation. I mean, where else can you find an immortal body that heals in a matter of seconds. The Ajins are treated as nothing more than lab rats.

Subjected to all kinds of torture like weapons testing, medical testing, and the psychos of the top brass think of them as nothing more than live talking testing dummies. This cruel treatment of the Ajin is what leads to human-ajin conflicts.



Kei and his black ghost personification
Image: Crunchyroll

The show’s story revolves around a young student named Nagai Kei, who discovers that he is an ajin after he wakes up unscathed after dying from a car accident. Kei, who has lived his whole life thinking of himself as human, now is forced to make a choice. Which side should he choose Ajin or Humans? However, when an Ajin named Satou escapes from the government facility and terrorizes the government and the citizens, Kei decides to fight him. His cooperation with the government however is also a way to ensure that he will not be subjected to experimentations.

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Ajin: Demon-Human Filler Episode List

Ajin: Demon-Human has currently no reported fillers. However, if more episodes are released in the future, we will keep on updating our list for our readers.

Ajin: Demon-Human Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

1-9, 14-26

Ajin: Demon-Human Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes List

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:


1What’s that stuff have to do with us?MANGA CANON
2Why is this happening? Why me…MANGA CANON
3Maybe this is the end?MANGA CANON
4Have you ever seen a black ghost?MANGA CANON
5But when it comes down to it, you still want them to help you… You’re the worst kind of trash…MANGA CANON
6I’m gonna kill you tooMANGA CANON
7I swear I’ll cover the whole thing upMANGA CANON
8Brace yourselvesMANGA CANON
9Wait, let’s talk it overMANGA CANON
10They start to decay as soon as they’re createdMIXED CANON/FILLER
13Sato, it’s all your fault!MIXED CANON/FILLER
14I’m getting sick of thisMANGA CANON
15I’m surrounded by idiotsMANGA CANON
16But I’m always scaredMANGA CANON
17They make me sickMANGA CANON
18Kuro, please…MANGA CANON
19Must be tough being a lapdogMANGA CANON
20Kuro, just once more, please!MANGA CANON
21This Country Is Going to Get a Little UnsettledMANGA CANON
22You’re the one messing up my life!MANGA CANON
23I won’t do itMANGA CANON
24At This Rate… It Really Will Be War!MANGA CANON
25But that makes it interesting, so whateverMANGA CANON
26I’ll make you a promise too, Mr. SatoMANGA CANON

Where to Watch Ajin: Demon-Human Online?


Ajin Logo
Image: Crunchyroll

Our readers can watch all the latest episodes of Ajin: Demon-Human on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. Make sure to watch the trailer (link below) and see the brilliance of the show for yourself.






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