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With the entire pandemic situation going on, trust me, we need a bit of lightheartedness. If you’re feeling a bit low and feel like life isn’t funny enough, watch Beezelub. As if the name wasn’t cute enough already, this 60 episodes anime will make you laugh, smile and swoon at its comedy and cuteness. Beezelbub is a golden anime that needs no exaggeration. Just one watch is enough to get hooked. That’s why if you’re looking for a new and interesting story that will make you smile wide all the time, then make sure to watch Beezelbub!

WriterRyuhei Tamura
Original RunJanuary 9, 2011 – March 25, 2012
Filler (%)28%

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


Image: Crunchyroll

The story of the show is centred around the school Ishiyama High, where every student is a top-rated delinquent with a bright future in Yakuza. However, there is one student with who no one dares to mess, and his name is Tatsumi Oga. Oga is by far the strongest guy in Ishiyama and the best fighter in his entire school. His fierce attitude and his brute strength are what makes him a force to be reckoned with.

One day as Oga is sitting alongside a river, he sees the body of a man floating upside down, most probably a case of drowning. Oga, without thinking twice, rushes to save his life. However, to his horror, the man’s body splits into two, and a baby is revealed to be hiding inside. The baby quickly crawls atop Oga and forms an attachment to him.

No matter how much Oga tries, this strange baby won’t leave him alone. However, there is more to this child than meets the eye. It turns out that this isn’t just an ordinary baby, but the son of the demon lord himself named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, or in short, “Baby Beel”.

However, Oga’s problems are just getting started because now he not only has to deal with a demon baby but also his entourage. His maid, his butlers and a lot more supernatural beings that he would rather not meet.

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Beezelbub Filler List

Beezelbub Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:

1-10, 16, 18-26, 29-33, 35-38, 40-48, 50-51, 58-60

Beezelbub Filler Episodes List

Filler List:

11-15, 17, 27-28, 34, 39, 49, 52-57

1I Picked Up the Demon KingMANGA CANON
2I Became a Gang Leader with a ChildMANGA CANON
3Are There Any Strong, Ruthless Men Around?MANGA CANON
4There Is One Second Before the Demon Lord’s Floods Burst ForthMANGA CANON
5Money can buy anythingMANGA CANON
6We Played DoctorMANGA CANON
7The Demon Lord makes his Park DebutMANGA CANON
9Love is a HurricaneMANGA CANON
10A Disciple was GainedMANGA CANON
11There was Something Money Could not BuyFILLER
12I Won’t Let You Sleep TonightFILLER
13Baby Beel’s Assessment TestFILLER
14Is there a Special Move?FILLER
15The Delinquents have Changed into SwimsuitsFILLER
16You’re Not a Bad Specimen of a ManMANGA CANON
17How About Some Demon World Homework?FILLER
18I Quit being the Baby on Back BrawlerMANGA CANON
19The Doctor has ArrivedMANGA CANON
20Everyone AssembleMANGA CANON
21Who Do You Think Is Ishiyama’s Strongest?MANGA CANON
22Secluded Mountain TrainingMANGA CANON
23You Kidding Me?MANGA CANON
24Welcome Back, Demon World!MANGA CANON
25New Semester StartedMANGA CANON
26May I Call You BrotherMANGA CANON
27Called the Magical GirlFILLER
28Let’s All Get PhysicalsFILLER
29What Are the 6 Holy Knights?MANGA CANON
30Who Could the 6 Holy Knights Be?MANGA CANON
31No Conclusion Was ReachedMANGA CANON
32What has the Transfer Girl Done?MANGA CANON
33There Are Wounds in the PastMANGA CANON
34Maids Run AmokFILLER
35Time for the Game to BeginMANGA CANON
36The Victory has Finally ArrivedMANGA CANON
37This Man is a TeacherMANGA CANON
38The Sibling Rivalry Has BegunMANGA CANON
39His Brother was a CrybabyFILLER
40No Shirt, No Shoes, No AssassinsMANGA CANON
41On the Brink! What’ll We Do?MANGA CANON
42It’s Time to TrainMANGA CANON
43Where Did the Older Brother Disappear To?MANGA CANON
44I Have to Get StrongerMANGA CANON
45There’s One Day and 1 Hour Left Until the GameMANGA CANON
46Burn, Super Combination!MANGA CANON
47Sorry to Have Kept You WaitingMANGA CANON
48I’m His ParentMANGA CANON
49Beelzebub’s New Year’s Special! Beelbeel Journey to the West!FILLER
50Today I’m Different On The InsideMANGA CANON
51Komainu-sama is Watching YouMANGA CANON
52And Then There Were No DelinquentsFILLER
53Furuichi Falls In LoveFILLER
54Black Baby Beel Grows UpFILLER
55The Great Demon Lord Has ComeFILLER
56Is This A Job For Men?FILLER
57Won’t You Eat a Manju?FILLER
58Akumano Academy is OpenMANGA CANON
59We’re the StrongestMANGA CANON
60I Won`t Say GoodbyeMANGA CANON


You can watch all the 60 episodes of Beezelbub in English Sub/Dub Online on Crunchyroll and Viz Media. However, we would like our readers to know that both of the aforementioned sites require a subscription. That’s why our readers who do not want to buy a subscription can check out sites like 4anime and AnimixplayHd and watch their favorite animes online, and that too absolutely free!

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