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Not a lot of our viewers might have heard of a show named Black Cat. It is just simply one of those shows whose brilliant story doesn’t get proper recognition. In a world where thousands of anime are released every year, there are a lot of underrated shows that are easily forgotten. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re over. Over the past years, a lot of studios have begun making remakes of once brilliant yet less popular stories. That’s why hopefully, black cat will also see the light of the day once again. Therefore, if you’re looking to know more about this anime, make sure to read this entire post.

WriterKentaro Yabuki
Original RunOctober 6, 2005 – March 30, 2006
Filler (%)17%

A Brief Introduction Of The Plot


Image: Crunchyroll

The story of the black cat is set in a fictional universe, where 1/3rd of the world is ruled by an organization named Chronos. The ideology of Chronos is to create a world of peace. The story revolves around our protagonist named Train Heartnet, a former assassin for the Chronos. Train is now working as a sweeper (Bounty Hunter) along with his partner Sven Vollfied where he encounters a professional thief named Rinslet Walker.

Since both of them have common targets, the duo decides to work together and break into an arm’s dealer home to abstract information. However, upon their arrival, they find much more than they were looking for. The duo encounters an artificial Bio-weapon named Eve, and both of them decide to free it from its master.

However, soon after, Rinslet is mysteriously kidnapped by none other than a man named creed himself. The man who killed Train’s best friend and was the main reason why he left Chronos. Creed kidnaps Rinslet to convince Train to join his organization, the apostles of the star, and free the world from the tyranny of Chronos.

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Black Cat Filler List

Out of the 24 episodes of Black Cat, over 17% of them are filler episodes. That is why we have prepared a list of filler episodes that you can skip through and enjoy the show.

Black Cat Manga Canon Episodes List

Manga Canon Episodes:


Black Cat Filler Episodes List

1The Solitary CatMANGA CANON
2The Hesitant CatMANGA CANON
3The Cat in the DarkMANGA CANON
4The Grinning CatMANGA CANON
5The Departing CatMANGA CANON
6The Cat Under FireMANGA CANON
7The Wounded CatMANGA CANON
8The Sweeping CatMANGA CANON
9The Charming CatMANGA CANON
10The Cat UnleashedMANGA CANON
11The False CatMANGA CANON
12The Fighting CatMANGA CANON
14The Kitty CatMANGA CANON
15The Distant CatMANGA CANON
16The Cat and the LizardMANGA CANON
17The Napping CatMANGA CANON
18The Cat DeploysMANGA CANON
19The Sprinting CatMANGA CANON
20The Cat’s ShowdownMANGA CANON
21The Drowning CatFILLER
22The Cat Bares ClawsFILLER
23The Cat’s ParadiseFILLER
24The Carefree CatFILLER

Where to Watch Black Cat Online?


Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the episodes of Black Cat on platforms like Crunchyroll and Viz Media in both English Sub/Dub. If you want an even smoother experience, then our readers can always opt for a premium subscription. Our readers can also check out sites like 4anime and Animixplay HD and choose the one that suits them the best.



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