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GANGSTA was a Japanese anime television series that premiered in 2015 and released 12 episodes. Although the anime never received a second season, its manga written by Kōsuke is still currently ongoing and has so far released 8 volumes. The plot of the show is quite episodic and focuses on the life of two men named  Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown working in a town filled with mafia, thieves, gangs, prostitutes and crime willing to take up jobs that even the law enforcement and the mob are too scared to do. The story of GANGSTA focuses on the two bad-ass protagonists willing to do even the dirtiest of jobs while cleaning up the city. Therefore If you’re interested in watching the adventures of these protagonists kicking-ass and taking names and want to see something thrilling for fun, then GANGSTA is the perfect anime for you!

Original Run1 July 2015 – 27 September 2015

GANGSTA Filler List


Image: Funimation

Due to a lack of sufficient material and resources, the GANGSTA anime never managed to garner a lot of attention, which resulted in the series getting shelved. However, animes like GANGSTA definitely do not come out often, and the readers of the manga and viewers of the anime are well aware of this fact. This is further proven when we take a look at its impressive rating, receiving a 7.4/10 from MyAnimeList and IMDb. In its short run of 12 episodes, the anime released no filler episodes and is a perfect anime for our readers who want to watch something fun and short!

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GANGSTA Canon Episodes List

1Naughty BoysMANGA CANON
2HundemarkenMANGA CANON
3ErgastulumMANGA CANON
4NonconformistMANGA CANON
8Evening DressMANGA CANON
10Land of ConfusionMANGA CANON
12Odds and EndsMANGA CANON

Where To Watch


Image: Funimation

You can enjoy watching all the episodes of GANGSTA in English sub/dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and AnimixplayHD. The English dub of the series is licenced by none other than Funimation Networks themselves. Therefore our readers can also check out the official page of Funimation to find out more about GANGSTA. Our readers can also read GANGSTA and GANGSTA: Cursed, a spin-off of the series, both of which are available on Crunchyroll. Also, make sure to watch its trailer to find out what the show is all about. To know more about the filler lists of animes that you would like to watch, make sure to keep on following our post!


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