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The anime was supposed to air on October 3rd, but the fans will see the first episode before it. It was announced on Friday that an episode of Gunma-Chan would stream before the premiere. The episode will stream on the Tsulunos channel on YouTube. It will be a full seven-minute episode from the anime on 17th September, i.e., Friday.

Tsulunos also streamed the anime’s Second promotion video on Thursday. The video shows the colourful daily life of Gunma-Chan with his friends.

Everything To Know About Gunma-Chan

Gunma-Chan is a cute little orange pony from Gunma Prefecture. It’s been a Mascot for the 38th Athletics National Festival taking place in Gunma. He was previously known as Yunma, but later the name was changed to Gunma to represent the Prefecture. He’s got a blog, a Facebook page and even a house (which is actually a store.) Gunma-Chan is seen as a hero to the citizens of Gunma. The character has been a hit since its creation in 1983 and is now making its way into the hearts of anime fans.

Gunma-Chan Mascot Anime

The cast of Gunma-Chan:

The cast of the anime includes many vocal artists with soothing voices to make the anime more heart-warming.

Characters in Gunma-Chan:Played By:Description of the Character
Gunma ChanKarin TakahashiThe appellative protagonist
AomaAya Uchida Gunma Chan’s friend
MimiYui OguraGunma Chan’s friend
Yayoi-HimeYuri YamaokaPrincess of Strawberry Tribe
Kiryu-sanNozomi YamamotoA Fashion Designer
FrancoiseArisa KiyotoManager of Tomioka Factory
Professor MonoshiriSho HayamiA Professor who knows various things
TamaMutsumi TamuraThe Vocalist of rock band Nyaz

Gunma Chan with Aoma(right) and Mimi(left) (Image: Youtube )

Release Date and Time:

The anime would air on dTV, with the first episode streamed at 12:00 pm on October 4th.

Australia Time12:30 am ACST
British Time04:00 pm BST
Central Time10:00 am CDT
Eastern Time11:00 am EDT
European Time05:00 pm CEST
Indian time08:30 pm IST
Korea Time12:00 am KST
Pacific Time08:00 am PDT
Philippine Time11:00 pm PHT

Gunma-Chan is indefinitely Kawaii. We can assume that he is going to attract a lot of viewers towards him. The character sheds happiness all over the face of its spectators. It’s highly likely to make your heart filled with warmth while watching him. Gunma-Chan sure is a Gunma prefecture favourite, but we think he’s going to make a name in the anime world through his cuteness and warmth as well.

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