How Not To Use Healing Magic Getting Its Very Own Anime Adaptation

Ahh, here it is once again, my friends, another Isekai manga getting developed into an anime. It’s as if the fans just can’t get enough of this crazy world jumping that we need more and more animes with almost the same plot! Anyways, no matter how much we criticize the Isekai Genre with its lowly protagonist getting reborn as heroes, there is just something about this damned storyline. Isekai is a genre that all of us wish to have in our own personal lives. A place that is away from this harsh and cruel world, a dreamland with magic and monsters, where books, exams, and these 9-5 jobs hardly matter. Therefore, if you wish to go on another fairyland adventure, then make sure to check out the brand new anime coming next year based on the known manga How Not to Use Healing Magic: Recovery Team Running Through the Battlefield.

The story of the show will mainly highlight our protagonist Ken Usato. Now, in real life, Ken is a nobody. He has no special skills, nor is he really good at anything. However, all of this changes when, much to his delight, he ends up befriending the beautiful class president and vice president. Just when our poor protagonist was on the verge of feeling good about himself, his fellow friends, the president, and the vice president get summoned into a new world. However, Ken wasn’t invited. As if his life back on earth wasn’t gruesome already, this straight-up rejection, even from the people of the other world, really got to him.


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However, much to his surprise, it looks like there is a lot more to Ken that meets the eye. Just when our lovely protagonist was about to lose all hopes of gaining any sort of recognition, he is soon made aware of his own special powers. Although not that great at battling, it turns out that Ken has a very rare and special type of healing magic. As the world soon realizes his uniqueness, Ken begins to attract much attention; however, not all of it is good.

What makes How Not to Use Healing Magic: Recovery Team Running Through the Battlefield a special manga is that our protagonist isn’t born a hero; he is born a healer. Which in hindsight, might not seem too different but just wait for how it looks on the screen. The amazing manga that has been drawing a lot of attention for a while is finally set to get its very own anime adaptation, the news of which arrived to the fans on the 15th of August 2021. Therefore going by the timeline, the anime could be hitting our screens in October next year when How Not to Use Healing Magic: Recovery Team Running Through the Battlefield makes a huge bang in its release. Therefore, make sure to not miss out on this tremendous fun ride!

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