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With 62 volumes, Kingdom has been one of the best long-running manga series of all time. The historical essence and exhilarating wars have just been icing on the cake for the plot. It can’t be denied that the manga has provided its readers with a sense of satisfaction through the storyline. Yasushira Hara (writer of Kingdom) has worked a day in and day out to convey the history of China in his fiction.

The plot of Kingdom :

The story takes place back in 221 BC. Xin, an orphan during those times, is aiming to be a well-renowned warrior. His sworn brother Piao, who’s also an orphan, shares the same goal as Xin. When they were training to elevate their strength, a minister asked Piao to come to the palace. He agreed as he thought this was an excellent opportunity for him to advance towards his goal.


Xin And Piao (Image: Animex wallpaper)

Xin continues to serve his master as an orphan. Things turn mysterious when Piano comes back on the verge of death. Piao had to play a body double for the current king of the Qin Kingdom. Thus, the journey of Xin’s adventures and quests begins.

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Previously on Chapter 692:

Chapter 692 was released on September 19th, 2021. It was titled “The Third Group of Soldiers.” The strategic war between the two armies has been worth a read. Kingdom Chapter 692 starts with soldiers astonished to see their enemies from the Zenou clan appearing out of nowhere. They move forward to eliminate them but rather cry in vain.

Lord Kochou receives the report of this and starts analysing what happened. With Kohaku‘s army busy fighting Xin’s Left Wing, their efforts seem to be going down the drain. The first name that comes into Kochou’s mind is Sun Bin, who was the tactician from the battle of Baryou. Kochou analyses the situation and concludes how they were outperformed by their enemy’s tactics. The strategies and tactics applied in this chapter of Kingdom by Kanki are notable.

Lord Kaman comes with his horse to inform Lord Kochou that the enemy has infiltrated through their second line as well. The only way of winning this war was to retreat and regroup. Kochou decides to open up a path to the left towards Kohaku’s army. However, they are stopped midway by Kanki. Now, the numbers won’t matter much, and the face-off begins.


Kanki (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Chapter 693 of Kingdom:

With the face-off coming to a start and the tides of the war changing, chapter 693 would be essential for the manga series. This chapter of Kingdom will be arriving on September 26th, 2021, i.e., Sunday. Let’s see where the war commences next week.

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