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The very popular anime named Kingdom recently released its 20th episode. The latest episode of Kingdom season 3 will be releasing soon. Since its release, all everyone can talk about is the upcoming episode. The anime is written by Naruhisa Arakawa and directed by Jun Kamiya. Noriko Otake, Atsuo Tobe, and Masatoshi Hakanda are responsible for the character designs. The anime is licensed by Funimation.

The anime revolves around two orphaned slaves who are also best friends, Xin and Piao, living in Qin. They both wish to be the Great General of the Heavens one day. However, they get separated when Piao receives an invitation to work at the King’s palace. Months after, he returns nearly dead, begging Xin to go to another village. The story follows Xin meeting the king of China, who has an uncanny resemblance to Piao.


We all have been waiting for episode 21 of the series patiently. It has been scheduled to release on Sunday, September 13, 2021. The release time based on your geographical location is:

  •  12 AM September 13 JST
  •  8 AM September 13 PDT
  •  3 PM September 13 GMT
  •  8 PM September 13 IST


Season 3 starts with a war between three countries that try to defeat each other and take control. In the recent episodes, we see that the enemies follow the Qin to their region. In an attempt to protect themselves, Xin leads a squad to defend their territory. We can expect the legendary Zui battle to continue in episode 21. We might also get to see Xin and Fu Di’s match and an ace that Xin could have been hiding from everyone. Moreover, Fu Di confirms that not all the army troops have reached the battlefront, making it easier for the Qin generals to win the conflict. We can’t be sure yet, but it seems as though the Qin might have a chance at winning after all.


Image: OtaQuest

We will get to see more of what happens in episode 21. The suspense and plot twists of this anime are the main reasons why it’s so popular.


Many illegal websites offer the series for free, but we don’t support or recommend piracy. The series is licensed by Funimation. It is also available on AnimeLab. Therefore, you can always go to its websites and watch the subbed and dubbed versions of the latest episodes of Kingdom. The previous two seasons of Kingdom are available on Netflix. Therefore, we can assume once season 3 stops airing, it will be streamed on Netflix too!

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