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The all-hail Komi-san community was pretty happy when the Komi Can’t Communicate anime adaptation was announced. However, the recent chapters of the manga signaled an end to the series. Since Komi is near her goal of making a hundred friends, the manga is speculated to end soon.

Komi Can’t Communicate.

The title defines the storyline of this well-loved series. Additionally, the series is written by Tomohito Oda and has been running for five years now. Apart from this, there are twenty-two volumes of the manga. Since it’s been popular around the Otaku and was also voted the most wanted anime adaptation in 2019, Komi Can’t Communicate got an adaptation on Netflix. The fans were pleased with this decision. NHK General TV has released eight episodes of this series in Japan. On the other hand, Netflix will be releasing it worldwide from October 7th onwards.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Plot:

The story revolves around Shouko Komi, who has communication issues. However, people get confused by her elegance and stoic beauty, thinking she is self-centered or too shy. Along with this, Komi has a goal to make a hundred friends in this elite Private School. Hitohito Tadano, her classmate who sat right beside her, was the first person to notice her issue. Hence, he started going the extra mile to help her in her endeavors. The story provides a to and fro situation of Komi achieving her goal and then drifting apart.


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Komi-san Can’t Communicate manga:

The slice of life comedy manga has been on the verge of ending after chapter 323. As of chapter 323, Komi is about to reach her goal, and the manga has also received an anime adaptation. While the manga is speculated to be ending soon, it won’t be ending any sooner. It has yet much to provide, and a run of a couple of more years could also happen. Although it has gained an anime adaptation, Tomohito Oda has no plans for ending it any sooner. Let’s see what else the manga provides in its following few chapters. Chapter 324 of Komi Can’t Communicate will be released on October 9th, 2021. This chapter can be viewed on Viz Media globally.

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