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Michiko and Hatchin is a Japanese anime television series, that dabbles around the theme of drama and action. The unique story of the show and its setting in South America really sets the tone for the audience and creates quite an adventurous ambiance. The series premiered in 2008 and released a total of 22 episodes. The show was well-received by the audience and the critics alike and received a rating of 7.6/10 from IMDb and 7.8 from MyAnimeList.net making Michiko and Hatchin a worthwhile show. Therefore, if you’re looking to know more about this incredible drama series and want to spice up your weekends, then look no further!

WriterTakashi Ujita
Original Run15 October 2008 – 18 March 2009

A Brief Introduction To The Plot


Image: funimation

The story of Michiko and Hatchin is set in the fictional land of South America. After spending years in jail the criminal mastermind  Michiko Malandro finally breaks free from one of the world’s most highly guarded prisons located on the island of  Diamandra. After her prison break, Michiko ends up committing another crime and decides to kidnap her former lover’s daughter Hannah Morenos, who she out of love calls Hatchin’. Hannah is a bright young girl, who was being tormented and tortured daily by her foster parents after her father left. Now, together the duo decides to find the location of Hannah’s father and Michiko’s former lover Hiroshi Morenos while escaping the clutches of the police.

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Michiko & Hatchin Filler List


In its short run, the series didn’t release any filler episodes and concluded on a very satisfying note. The unique and fun-filled adventure of Michiko and Hatchin is surely going to fill your days with a little drama and lots of sweetness, making it the perfect show for you to binge-watch now!

Michiko & Hatchin Manga Canon Episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:


Michiko & Hatchin Episode List

1Farewell, Cruel Paradise!MANGA CANON
2The Brown Sugar OutlawMANGA CANON
3Like a Frantic PinballMANGA CANON
4Stray Cat Milky WayMANGA CANON
5The Saudade of Fools, Part 1MANGA CANON
6The Saudade of Fools, Part 2MANGA CANON
7The Rain that Falls in MonotoneMANGA CANON
8Black Noise and a Dope GameMANGA CANON
9The Chocolate Girl in LoveMANGA CANON
10The Carnival of HyenasMANGA CANON
11Starting Line DownpourMANGA CANON
12Purgatory: 108°C TelepathyMANGA CANON
13Goldfish of the MarshMANGA CANON
14The Daredevil Explosive RunnerMANGA CANON
15Graffiti in VainMANGA CANON
16Etude of Crimson InconstancyMANGA CANON
17Buckets of Blood! Opera that Stirs the HeartMANGA CANON
18The Fool’s Ballistic SambaMANGA CANON
19Nettlesome Light-blocking ButterflyMANGA CANON
20Rendezvous of ExterminationMANGA CANON
21Last Waltz Blooming Out of SeasonMANGA CANON
22Run as You AreMANGA CANON

Where To Watch

All the episodes of Michiko and Hatchin are available on websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free. Also, make sure to check out the series’ trailer and find out for yourself what the show is really all about.

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