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You know that feeling when the anime is soo damn good that it makes you feel glad to be alive, and all you can think is, “Please God, don’t let me die before I finish this masterpiece” yes, that’s the feeling I’m pretty sure every Ace of Diamond Fan had when Diamond No Ace Act 2 ended last year. The moment that we all had been waiting for to see Sawamura get recognized as the Ace, to see him don the No.1 jersey and truly become an ace, finally arrived.

Now, yes, he had a bumpy start as an Ace facing the responsibility of carrying the entire team and realizing what it truly means to be the keystone member of a team’s defense. Still, even then, the fact that Yuji Terajima could make a story soo tantalizingly unpredictable and gut-wrenching is a feat that could only be accomplished by a true genius. Therefore, for me, at the very least, Diamond, No Ace undoubtedly takes the No.1 spot when it comes to the sports category in the shounen genre.

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Season 3 of the series, or what we call Diamond No Ace Act 2, aired the season finale on 20th March 2020, leaving on a cliffhanger when Sawamura once again takes the mound as the starting pitcher even after nearly combusting in his previous match with newfound confidence and an acceptance of his responsibility. The season finale ended on Seido’s round 3 in the Koshien Summer Tournament, the last chance for Miyuki, kuramochi, and other 3rd years to go to the nationals again and win the entire championship.


Therefore, all any of us can now think to ourselves is When the hell is it coming back. The fans of the anime are already pretty aware that Diamond No Ace tends to take long intervals before releasing the next season. Season 1 of the series premiered with 75 episodes in 2011, and season 2 premiered in 2015. Season 3 or Act 2 premiered in 2019. Now. If we go by the trend, the logic dictates that we won’t see a season 4 of the series anytime soon.

Diamond No Ace Act 2 ended on chapter 169 of the manga, and so far, not even 100 chapters have been added to the series. Now seeing as how every season contains a minimum of 50 episodes at the very least, the creators of the show don’t have enough material as of yet to make another season. Not to mention that the writer of the manga Yuji Terajima was also on a hiatus for quite a while, which further pushed back the manga’s progress. Therefore, it is very likely that we won’t see a season 4 of the anime, at least not until next year. However, if everything goes well, season 4 might premiere somewhere around the end of 2022 or early 2023. With more and more powerful teams coming in Seido’s way, will they ever be able to make it to the nationals once again? Or will their dream to win the entire tournament fall short? Needless to say that this long wait for the new season will be absolutely excruciating for the fans but as a wise man once said, “good things come to those who wait.”

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