Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Second Act Episode 2: Release & Recap

The previous season of Yashashime was well received by fans, fueling excitement for Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon Second Act Episode 2: Release & Recap. It reveals Setsuna and Towa’s birth as Half-Demons and how they were endowed with magical pearls early. Towa confesses that she spent a long period as a child living in the wild. However, she lost Setsuna when a fire broke out, and she journeyed to the future. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, The Second Act, depicts Towa and Setsuna’s honey after discovering the truth about their existence.

That family adopted Towa and gave her the name Towa Higurashi. She reunites with Setsuna ten years later, but Setsuna has lost her memory. Moroha, a quarter-demon who works as a demon bounty hunter, was also introduced to her. Setsuna, like Moroha, is a Demon Slayer. Sesshomaru and Inuyasha’s daughters. Towa and the two journeyed back in time to the Feudal Era to assist Setsuna to regain her memories. They met while a spirit priestess outfit called the Tree of Ages urged them to kill Kirinmaru. For many years, the three slew monsters.

They eventually found Beautiful Demon Zero and Riku, a beautiful pirate. After uniting their abilities, they overcame the Four Perils. During their battle, Setsuna murdered Zero, but Sesshomaru comes and uses Tenseiga to bring Zero back to life. Then Kirinmaru appears. Kirinmaru had challenged the females and engaged in fierce combat with them. He defeats the trion and leaves but only after telling Setsuna, the Half Princess-Demon, that he shall always remember her. As the rain begins to fall, Sesshomaru arrives to assist his ladies. The episode is called “Wielding the Tensega.”

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Second Act Episode 1: Recap

Sesshomaru informed his daughter that bringing Sestsuna back was her responsibility. Towa brandishes a sword and aims it towards Setsuna, who is unconscious and on the verge of death. Rin’s body unites with the Dream Butterfly when it settles on Towa’s blade. Towa attempted to free Tenseiga’s power. Toto Momo is curious about the girl brandishing the shattered Tenseiga. Momo believes Setsuna has died and lands on the earth with a flying horse. He observes Towa attempting to resurrect Setsuna, and Sesshomaru’s Vassal-Jaken emerges while speaking to his lord. Jaken is unsure whether Towa will be able to wield Tenseiga.

Moroha gets beaten by Momo for forgetting his name, and she discovers Momo is the wordsmith. Jaken also had a conversation with Moroha. Morohara responds that she is the Demon Killer, and Jaken says she can call him Master Jaken. She observes Jaken’s small stature and refers to him as Jaken the Little Demon. Jaken also smacked her with his walking stick for referring to him as “Little Demon.” Moroha remarks that Momo is an old geezer who repaired the Tenseiga, and she is also penalized for referring to Momo as an old geezer. Momo says that restoring Tenseiga will take three days. Jaken believes that three days will be too late since Setsuna would be dead by then.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon The Second Act Episode 1

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If utilized within the following hour, Tenseiga can bring her back. Momo goes on to say that the Demon Blade is their only option. When Towa yells Setsuna’s name, the power begins to pour around her. Moroha worries why her hair is becoming black while it isn’t even New Moon. Towa has grown a powerful Tenseiga and understands she needs to chop something. Momo revealed why Towa’s abilities are waning and how Moroha can assist them. The netherworld’s entrance was opened, and Sesshomaru was forced to confront them.

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 Release Date

On October 9, 2021, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 2 will be aired. Setsuna’s life was restored, and they destroyed the netherworld’s monsters. Moroha is taken aback to find Setsuna standing with a large sword, and Towa asleep. Setsuna blew the minions away, and Towa falls unconscious after saving her. Sesshomaru’s daughter’s adventure continues in the following episode.



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